The story behind Bibelotte

It all started with Jacoline's frustration over the fact that she could only find standard cushions and decorations for her eldest child's nursery. In 2007, she started designing cushions and bed textiles herself, and in 2012, wallpaper was added to the mix. Since then, Jacoline and her husband Nico have been leading a multi-headed, professional team. The home office has now been exchanged for a large business premises. Here, wallpaper rolls are printed, furniture is made, stocks are stored, and packages are packed.

Own production location

In 2021, Nico decided to sell his business in the timber trade. This created the opportunity and space for Nico and Jacoline to take Bibelotte to the next level together. They bought a large building in Ede, completely renovated it, and turned it into a workshop, production space, and photo studio. From wallpaper to furniture; everything is conceived and made here. And oh yes, besides working hard, there is also laughter and toasting. Because team Bibelotte is secretly quite proud of so many quality products from their own soil!

It's important to us that all products are interchangeable and complementary

About the collection

The Bibelotte collection consists of wallpaper, furniture, wall stickers, bedding, and accessories for the children's room. As a mother of five children, Jacoline knows better than anyone that the children's room is more than just a place to sleep. It's a space where the child feels safe and develops. Tranquility and unity with sometimes a cheerful touch are the guiding principles. An important motivation is that all products must be able to be combined with each other. This is consciously taken into account during the design process, resulting in a sustainable, timeless collection. This way, something chosen for the baby room grows along with your growing child.